Presentations, Posters & Awards

Presentations and posters are essential elements of the Congress contents. They should deal with any of the areas covered by the Congress. They should comply with the published regulations, as well as with the submission procedure mentioned below.

They are original studies and unpublished (investigations, experiences, innovation projects or paper reviews).

Those interested in submitting a study must send an extended summary using the established template (Introduction, method, results, discussion, conclusions and bibliography).

Presentations, Posters and Awards


The applicants may submit studies related to any of the following areas:

  • Sporting performance in canoeing
  • Psychology and Sociology in canoeing
  • Canoeing and health
  • Canoeing: leisure time
  • Sport introduction and didactics of canoeing
  • Management and organization of canoeing sport events
  • Regulations to submit PRESENTATIONS and POSTERS

The purpose of presentations and posters is to provide to those attending the congress with the possibility of publicly present their lines of investigation done within the field of canoeing.

The deadline to be evaluated by the scientific committee will be September 30th. The presentation timetable for accepted studies will be published October 3st.


Every author will have 15 minutes at their disposal for the presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions and doubts from the audience.

The presentations of posters will be during break time.


Guideline to submit the summaries

All summaries must be emailed to the coordinator of the scientific committee: info @

The deadline to submit summaries will end September 30th 2022.

The investigation summaries must be originals for their evaluation and must not have been published as a summary or full article in any scientific, medical or professional publication.

The first author of the summary will be considered as the main author and will present the summary.

The main author must be registered in the congress. Each author can submit a maximum of two communications or poster as the first author.

The authorship of each communication or poster will have a maximum of 6 authors.

One author will be responsible for a maximum of two presentations.

Members of organizing and scientific committee may submit summaries but none of them will be eligible for an award.

The deadline for the acceptance/rejection of summaries will expire October 3st 2022. In case of acceptance, the date and time for the presentation will be notified.


Procedure for summary revision

The scientific committee will evaluate every summary by its scientific content, appropriate methodology, correct statistical analysis, adequate interpretation of results, as well as originality and its contribution to Sport Science and Canoeing.

In case of a summary is rejected by the Scientific Committee it will be offered the opportunity to be modified. If no modifications are done or they are not adequate the Scientific Committee could definitely reject the summary.


Guide for oral presentations

The Organizing Committee recommends that all oral presentations are edited in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Presentations must be emailed to Organizing Committee on the previous week to the start of the Congress. Anyway, researchers must bring their presentations the day of their exposition.

Organizers recommend that researchers arrive with enough time before the start of presentations and allow the communication coordinator to check the presentation and make sure everything is ready for the presentation.

Oral presentations must be similar to the submitted summaries, with introduction, methods, results, discussions and conclusions.


Awards for the best presentation and poster

The best presentation and poster chosen by the Scientific Committee will be awarded the following prizes:

  • THREE Best Communication Awards: 200, 150 and 75 euros + Accreditation Diploma.
  • THREE Awards Best Poster: 100, 75 and 50 euros + Accreditation Diploma

The prize will not be awarded if the Scientific Committee deems so, either for the quality of presentations or for absence of these.

Awarded researchers who are not present at the awards ceremony will forfeit the amount of money from the prize but not the diploma, which will be sent by post.


Regulations to write and present the communication texts

All those authors interested in submitting their papers should comply with the following protocol to send the documents. The authors will edit the documents complying with the following guidelines:

  1. Letter: Times New Roman size 12 and simple line spacing.
  2. All margins will be 3 cm. The spacing between paragraphs will be 2 points. Notes must be grouped and presented at the end of the text, correctly numerated to make their location easy. All pages must be correlatively numbered at the bottom right side. The maximum document length allowed is 30 pages, including bibliography, tables, graphics, figures, etc…
  3. Documents must be formatted as Microsoft Word for Windows PC versión 2000 or later but never in pdf format.
  4. Format image will be jpg or tiff.
  5. Texts may be submitted in english or spanish.


Certificates for submitted studies and posters

All authors who appear on a presentation or poster and are registered for the Congress will be given a certificate proving the presentation of their research studies in the event.

All selected studies will be published via cd with their corresponding ISBN and Legal Deposit.


Guide for poster presentations

The Organizing Committee requires that all poster presentations should be printed on a uniform poster with dimensions not exceeding 180 x 130 cm.

The organizing team of the Congress will supply needed materials to hang posters.

Poster must contain similar information to that on the submitted summary with introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusions.

The Organizing Committee recommends the following structure for the poster:


Deadline and shipping method for presentations

The authors must send the summary or full text of their papers by any of the following methods:

  1. Email: info @


ATTENTION: the deadline to send documents is September 30th 2022.